Florida’s hurricane season has just begun, which means that it’s time to make sure that your biggest investment, your home, is protected. Florida accounted for 13% of catastrophic losses in the entire United States from 1986 to 2015. Hurricanes can result in millions of dollars worth of property damage. Protecting your home from these storms is important. Fortunately, there are hurricane protection products that can help you protect your home.

Hurricane Screens
Hurricane Screens can be purchased in order to protect openings to carports, rounded glass windows, regular windows, and doors. These are a cost-effective and easily storable form of storm protection. Having hurricane protection products, such as hurricane screens, can help protect your glass windows and doors survive hurricane season.

Hurricane Panels
If the idea of covering up your windows or your view is unappealing, clear Hurricane Panels are also available. In addition to providing storm protection to your glass doors or windows, Hurricane Panels have the added benefit of being left on all season or all year. Some Hurricane Panels even come with solar shields, which make your home more energy efficient.

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