It’s still Hurricane Season

We know – with everything else that is going on we would all like to forget that it’s still Hurricane Season and we know that at anytime a storm could form. Are you prepared? Make sure you keep an eye on the weather and that you have your storm plans in place. You can never be too prepared!


It’s not over just yet…

It’s not over just yet…don’t let the lull in the season give you false confidence – we have plenty of October storms on record – make sure you have all the supplies and hurricane protection you need – call us today to get started! 


Don’t wait

We have already seen a very active hurricane season and we are just getting in to the prime time for our areas. Are you protected? If not, DO NOT DELAY! Call us today and find out what kind of protection we can offer for your home, business, condo and more.


Tropical Storm Laura

There is a threat to Florida within the the next couple of days from Tropical Storm Laura. The National Hurricane Center estimates this storm to possibly cross Florida…are you prepared? Do you have all your hurricane protection, disaster supplies and information that you need to stay safe?

At Hurricane Safe Products, we want you to be ahead of the storm. Prepare now if you need extra shutters, screws, parts and supplies. As the storm gets closer and the projected paths tighten, it may become harder to find things you need. 


A hurricane in the Atlantic

Now is the time to be prepared…do you have all your supplies and a plan of action if this storm were to change its course? There are many things that you need to be ready for, just in case. A storm in never fully predictable, therefore plans need to be in place before a storm threatens. Take a few moments today and make sure you have the supplies you need and that all your important papers are secure in your home or safe deposit box. This storm can change its course at any time so be aware and be ready.


Season is here….

Hurricane season is here – make sure you are protected before a storm threatens our coast!


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