Stay Safe and Protected

The aftermath of hurricane Harvey reminds us just how important it is to keep your home protected from the effects of hurricanes and storms. If your home is left unprotected, serious damage from strong winds and flying debris can result, especially to your windows. Broken windows can allow water to infiltrate your home, causing damage to your furniture and other belongings inside. Fortunately, there are many hurricane protection solutions that you can install to minimize potential damage to your residence should a hurricane strike in your area.

Hurricane panels provide excellent storm protection, as they shield your doors and windows from the elements outside. Hurricane Safe Products provides a wide range of high-quality panels that are easy to install and maintain. Our products include rolling shutters, clear Lexan panels, clear flat panels, hurricane screens and more. All of our products have been thoroughly tested and are approved by the Florida Building Code, ensuring that you’ll get high-quality protection for your home when it needs it the most. We provide top-notch made in the USA hurricane protection solutions that will fit any type or style of home. You can come check out our showroom in Sarasota to see them all. Visit us at for more details and information on all our protection products.

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