Season is winding down – but dont let your guard fall!

Whew! The countdown to the end of the hurricane season is on in Florida! That means soon residents of the Sunshine State can enjoy a break from the unpredictable and scary weather that the hurricane season brings.

With about a month left, there is still time for major storms to brew up, though. Having adequate hurricane protection, like hurricane panels, in place is essential to protecting your property from damages caused by the high winds and torrential rains that hurricanes bring.

Not surprisingly, this is also the best time of the year for homeowners and business owners to examine and evaluate the storm protection safeguards that are currently in place while the weather is calm and favorable.

Hurricane-safe products including Garage Doors and Braces, Hurricane Screens, Doors, and Windows, Accordion Shutters, and hurricane screens are helpful in your defense against inclement weather and extreme storm conditions.

Additionally, these specially developed protective products are straightforward and convenient to use when the time comes. Instead of spending hours or days prepping your home or business for potentially dangerous storms, you can “batten down the hatches” with ease and confidence that your property is secured.

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