Hurricane season in Florida is right around the corner and there are a multitude of hurricane safe products on the market that can offer maximum hurricane protection to keep you and your family safe and secure.
Now is the time to consider installing some Green Tek rolling shutters that provide maximum security for windows while also lowering monthly heating and cooling bills or clear Lexan panels that offer an affordable option for hurricane protection and are easy to install. Accordion-style shutters made of heavy-duty aluminum are another option for safety.
Clear flat panels offer invisible hurricane protection while keeping out the heat from the blazing Florida sun. These are available in custom sizes and shapes to fit any size windows in apartments and homes across the state.

Hurricane screens offer protection from hurricane winds, are easy to store, and extremely affordable but many people opt for hurricane windows and doors to keep their families safe during hurricane season. Ultra-shade screens are another option for protection and extra benefits include keeping out insects and sun while gaining more privacy.

Whatever products you choose, the time to act is now so you are prepared before a hurricane is bearing down in your area. Visit us at

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