Hurricane Emergency Plans

Florida has already had one storm named in the Sarasota region this year, so that means that hurricane season has arrived. It is important to update your family’s hurricane emergency plan so that everyone can remain safe. Your family should know what to do when a hurricane is arriving in the region, including listening to the emergency radio announcements.

Have Emergency Supplies

An important part of an emergency plan is having plenty of nonperishable food and bottled drinking water available. You should also have a supply of batteries and flashlights. Make sure that your vehicle has enough fuel so that you can leave the area before any strong winds arrive, but you should not attempt to travel after the hurricane is in the area.

Call Hurricane Safe Products

In addition to a hurricane plan, you should have hurricane protection items for your home, including roll-on adhesive window film or durable shutters to cover the windows. During a hurricane, windows can break easily without hurricane protection devices, and this can lead to injuries from flying glass or extensive damage to your home. Contact Hurricane Safe Products today at 941-351-7700 to learn more about our hurricane protection products.

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