Don’t let your guard down just yet

You should not let your guard down or be unprepared. There are storms that can arise quickly (as we saw over the weekend) and you should have your home and business ready or be able to make it ready in a moments notice. Call us to find out how can help make your prep work easy when a storm is close to shore.

Automatic Roll Down Shutters

By installing automatic shutters you save time and money with the click of a button. No more hauling shutters in and out of storage when a storm threatens. Call us today to get your automatic shutters installed now.

Peak of Hurricane Season

We are still in the peak of hurricane season and with that comes the possibility of a storm coming towards our area. Make sure you are prepared now.

Know your location

Hurricane Evacuation routes can get busy, so be prepared ahead of time and know the route for your home to get away before the storm hits. There is no better time to be prepared than NOW! 

Lighten Up….with Cleartek Panels

With ClearTek panels you can bring the light into your home with your hurricane protection in place and ready. Don’t be left completely in the dark, call us today to find out more.


Hurricane season is officially here. It’s not too late to secure your home, garage, business and more. Call us today before a storm threatens our area.

Warmer temperatures brings warmer gulf waters and that gives us higher probability of hurricanes. Get protected now!

Protect your largest investment now!

Hurricane season is almost upon us, so do not DELAY in protecting your home, your largest investment! Call us today and find out how hurricane protection will help keep when a storm is approaching our coastline.

Protect Your Home during Hurricane Season

Protect Your Home during Hurricane Season

It is important to have hurricane insurance for your home in Florida, but you should still install protective devices on your homes and windows. The high winds from a hurricane can break a home’s windows and doors, leading to devastating losses of your possessions, and in many cases, these items have sentimental value. In addition, if you were unable to evacuate your home to go to a safer region, hurricane safety devices can protect you from serious injuries caused by flying debris. Long before hurricane season arrives, you should contact a company that installs hurricane protection devices.

Contact Us Today For Additional Information

We recommend the installation of window protection devices, including shutters that you can pull over the windowpanes. These devices are available in a variety of styles to meet your needs, and we carry hurricane protection windows that are made from different types of materials. You can also have protective devices installed over regular doors or glass patio doors. An easy and inexpensive way to protect your family from flying glass is the installation of clear or tinted window film. Contact us at Hurricane Safe Products in Sarasota, Fla., for additional information.