Be prepared

Hurricane Safe Products
It’s the middle of winter. Do you really need to be thinking about hurricane season now?

Yes! Good hurricane protection doesn’t happen in the few hours just before the storm hits. Winter is a good time to evaluate your home or business for storm protection needs, decide which method best fits your building and budget, investigate the options, and determine whether you can do the work yourself or you should hire a contractor.

Hammering up plywood panels as the wind is already rising and the rain is falling is sure to leave gaps in your protection and damage your building. It won’t be much fun for you either! By reviewing your options now, you can choose methods that will not only protect your property but can also improve its energy efficiency. Clear Tek flat panels and impact windows, for example, both resist flying debris and also seal out heat and noise and make it harder for intruders to break in. Cheap hurricane panels bought and installed at the last minute won’t perform as well.

Don’t wait until hurricane season starts in June to start thinking about protecting your property. Save yourself stress! Call Hurricane Safe Products today and be prepared!

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