Hurricane protection

Install Hurricane Panels

If you live in Florida, then you have insurance on your home or business to cover the damage from a hurricane’s strong winds and torrential rain. Many insurance companies will reduce your rates when you have specialized storm protection devices such as hurricane panels. At Hurricane Safe Products in Sarasota, Fla., we have the protective devices required for residential and commercial structures.

Fast Storm Protection

Hurricane protection devices are essential in Florida to protect a building’s interior from water and wind damage. Hurricane panels are made of durable materials and are designed to slide over a building’s windows and doorways to keep out the water from a storm. The devices are customized to fit properly over a building’s doors or windows, and you can slide the items over the openings quickly.

Request More Information About Hurricane Protection

After the technicians from Hurricane Safe Products install hurricane panels on your home or business, we can provide documentation for your insurance company to help you reduce your rates. With high-quality storm protection on a building, your insurance company knows that you are less likely to make a claim for repairs to a business or home.

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