Hurricane Safe Products

Hurricane Safe Products
Living in an area that has a high amount of hurricanes can be stressful, but with Hurricane Safe Products it doesn’t have to be. We offer the best in hurricane protection. There are so many products that offer you plenty of ways to protect your assets so that you can enjoy your beach style living without the fear of losing your prized possessions.

Hurricane Shutters
Greentek Rolling Shutters are one of the leading items on the market when it comes to high-quality hurricane shutters. These help you keep your peace of mind during a storm, and also help to lower your energy bills and, in turn, your carbon footprint.

Hurricane Windows
When it comes to storm protection, it is important to have windows that can withstand high winds and the elements. Not only do these high impact windows offer intruder protection, but they provide safety for you and your home during a store. The noise blocking qualities is another added plus for these hurricane panels and windows.

Garage Doors
Many people instantly think of windows during a storm, but the garage door is another key point of reinforcement that is important to the safety and security of your home. Our garage door products, which are heavy duty metal braces made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, are designed to protect your home.

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