The Importance of Hurricane Protection

The Importance of Hurricane Protection

As we are being quickly reminded this morning in the Sarasota/Bradenton/Tampa area with the approach of Tropical Storm Emily, we should always be prepared for a storm as they can arise very quickly! Please be safe and stay tuned to your local news and weather for important updates and changes in the forecast of this storm!

Hurricanes, like any natural phenomenon, can be deadly forces of nature. Without hurricane protection, they can cause many kinds of damage. Hurricanes are often accompanied by strong winds. These winds can carry debris at high speeds and fling it into buildings, resulting in extensive damage, especially to unprotected windows. Winds can also down tree and power lines.

Flooding is another concern. The sheer force of water, whether from storm surge or large amounts of rain, can weaken the foundations of a home. Sometimes, it can be so severe that a house is torn apart from the pressure and carried away by the waters. This is often why, after a severe hurricane, many towns are unrecognizable.

This damage, however, can be easily reduced with the help of some form of storm protection. It is often recommended that homeowners living in hurricane-prone areas invest in products such as hurricane panels, screens, and shutters in order to reinforce their homes.

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