On September 10, 2017, Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida. The state was devastated; 134 people lost their lives and a rough estimate of 10,000 others were left without homes. Entire properties were swept away, submerged in water, or damaged beyond livability. While Florida residents are faced with the risk of encountering this natural disaster every hurricane season, preventative measures may help reduce the risk of damage and threat to safety another storm like Irma would present.

Every hurricane protection plan should involve hurricane safe products to reinforce a home during hurricane conditions. The first features of a home to become damaged are often windows, doors, or garage doors. High wind speeds may even unhinge or completely detach these features, further compromising the rest of the home and the safety of its occupants. Hurricane screens, garage door braces, ultra shade screens, hurricane windows, and more hurricane safe products serve to prevent unnecessary damage. To take the first step in preparing your home for hurricane season, visit www.hurricanesafeproducts.com.

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