What Should Florida Residents Pack in Their Hurricane Supply Kits?

What Should Florida Residents Pack in Their Hurricane Supply Kits?
Hurricane season can be one of the most stressful times for Florida residents, but hurricane preparation can be the most important step in proper hurricane protection! While it is important to ensure you have the proper resources to protect your house, it is essential you have a supply kit in your home in case of emergency.

It is crucial to have enough bottled water. This is important to ensure you are hydrated in the event the power goes out, but it is not uncommon for hurricanes to cause issues with drains and plumbing.

Ensure you have enough nonperishable food items. Although it seems standard to stock up on snacks like granola bars, try your best to have canned food items or more filling food options.

Hurricanes bring strong winds, and those winds often bring power outages. Make sure your hurricane supply kit includes multiple flashlights as well as batteries for replacement. We recommend having at least one flashlight for each family member.

In case of injury, include a fully stocked first aid kit in your hurricane supply kit.

The best hurricane protection starts at home. Do not wait until the last minute to prepare for the storms.

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