Hurricane Season

Hurricane Safe Products
From mid-August to mid-October hurricanes are a fact of life, especially in south Florida. People who live in this area know the importance of storm protection. The time to prepare for hurricanes is now, not in the middle of storm season. Hurricane safe products can not only protect your home, but also save you money on homeowners insurance.

There are several improvements you can make to your home to provide hurricane protection that insurance companies recognize as valuable and offer discounts for.

– Panel shutters or hurricane-impact glass can protect your windows during hurricane-force winds.

– Other types of hurricane panels such as flat or corrugated panels can protect larger openings in your home such as doors.

– Screens offer a protection for larger openings, rounded glass, or other odd-shaped openings.

Make sure the improvements meet state and county building codes and any regulations by the Office of Insurance Regulation. Your insurance company might want to send an inspector to verify the improvements.

The initial investment to upgrade your home with hurricane safe products will be recovered over time by the discount your insurance company will offer. The better quality products that you use, the greater your discount might be.

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